Bronwen Deane

Bronwen Deane is a designer/maker of unique image based jewellery, using traditional silver working techniques along side innovative acrylic print methods.

Her work is sold direct from her studio at the Mushroom Works by appointment and through galleries and exhibitions nationally.

Images are the central focus for Bronwen's Jewellery. She produces work to commission and for galleries using traditional silver working techniques along side innovative, experimental acrylic print methods. These materials are combined with eclectic images, sourced from diverse graphic and photographic material.

"My interest is rooted in the images I use. These images are an exploration of nostalgia. I delight in primitively printed images with crude, inaccurate blocked colours and accidental print misalignment. My work explores how subtle changes in colour can engage the viewer and how the unwanted and discarded can regain it's value when viewed in a new context. The unique acrylic print process I have developed allows me to incorporate these images in to wearable jewellery."

Bronwen's recent work records the modernist urban landscape of British cities using her own photography and digital manipulation. Designed as architectural and social perfection many of these buildings have their cult followings but are often despised by the wider population and the people who live and work in their shadow. Combining these images of brutal architecture with the delicacy and preciousness of Jewellery encourages the viewer to examine these familiar landmarks and reconsider them. Recently, she has been working on a greasy spoon café series as a continuation of this urban theme.

The print method Bronwen has developed allows fantastically detailed results and bespoke one-off prints can be produced. This provides infinite scope for commissions. Working with the images that are important to the client presents further challenges and diversity. Collaborating with the client in this way can produce diverse and exciting and results. Increasingly Bronwen is exploring other print methods to incorporate in to her work using the facilities and expertise of Northern Print. She has learnt the techniques of Photo screenprinting and Photo etching which are starting to inform her work.

Bronwen trained in Three dimensional design at the University of Northumbria where she later progressed to the Design residency graduate programme. In 2005 she set up her studio at the Mushroom Works in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle. From her studio Bronwen produces jewellery to commission and for galleries nationally. Bronwen welcomes visits by appointment.

Studio 10

Mushroom Works
St Lawrence Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

07760 145 379