Tutored Life Drawing - Beginners

Tuesday evenings from 23rd April 2019
6 weeks - £60 per course
6:30-8:30pm weekly

The course will be covering the approach to drawing rather than method or technique. Every artist has his/her own style and if left alone will usually approach drawing in the same 'safe' or default mode.

This course is about shaking that mode up - inspiring a new angle of attack. This 'back to foundation' approach can be both liberating and insightful. Breaking free of your normal style and experimenting leads to some interesting results which may inform your artistic development, but above all is extremely fun.

WEEK 1 - Breaking the mould, line work.
WEEK 2 - Tone studies, shadows and highligths
WEEK 3 - Blocks, Cones and Spheres, understanding form
WEEK 4 - NO Rubbers! working 'with' your mistakes
WEEK 5 - Bringing it all together
WEEK 6 - Grand Finale - Single drawing (2hour)

All life drawing classes are suitable for beginners and those with some experience. Maximum 10 people

What to bring - nothing! All materials and equipment are supplied, you even get free drawing paper!